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Alastair Grant | Wed 26 Jun 2002
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WPCSL? Wireplay Counter-Strike League. For the past (just under a) week I have been writing a web site for the WPCSL. It spanky, and automated. It's only my second attempt at PHP, and I'm rather chuffed at the outcome.

It has user restricted access control, automatic news system, and a fully automated league! How funky is that? I now do indeed think that PHP is the ultimate language for web design and everybody should use it. It's so powerful, especially when combined with MySQL. You can write, well anything.

Alas I still haven't finished this site, will it ever be finished? Had it's 1 year birthday the other day. Maybe by the time it's 2. Anyway, to view my spangly PHP code you can look at the WPCSL site. It may be a while before it's uploaded, so if it's not there, check back in a week :)