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Alastair Grant | Thu 17 Jul 2003

After my Maxtor drives driving me mad (excuse the pun), I sent them back. Instead I bought a couple of 80GB Seagate Barracuda drives, for a little more out of the old wallet.

They run considerably better than the Maxtor drives I had, much faster and less of a 'chugg' while accessing. I can now hibernate my computer in a few seconds instead of a about a minute. Happily burning CD's, while listening to MP3's and playing Counter-Strike.

But... yes, there is always a but. I plugged in the hard drives, powered them up and... BEEEEE.... yes the whistling came back with these drives too. How annoying eh? The problem with the whistle it is so high pitch I am unable to pin point it. I can only identify it's coming from the general area of my computer. The whistling only happens when the SATA drives are connected. So this is, logically, the problem. Although as it remains it can't be.

Perhaps it was the SATA/RAID controller on the Intel south bridge, but I can't see why it would make such a noise. Could it be the power supply? It turns out yes, I have no idea why it whistles only with SATA connected, as the load isn't especially high as I have had more plugged in before.

Very strange. I am currently using a measily 300Watt power supply to power my machine. Which means I am getting random reboots when I overload it. So a new item to my black list:

FSP Group Inc. The makers of my PSU (I spent quite a bit of money of this one too, when my one overheated). So I need a new 400/500W.

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