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More RAM?

Alastair Grant | Wed 18 Feb 2004

Yes, over the years my computer has had more than a field of sheep.
- Red Dwarf.

Until today I've had some nice OCZ technology RAM. Very good stuff, CAS 2.0, copper heat spreaders etc.

Problem was, just had one module, and I was pushing 512MB with things like Photoshop. Having two modules gives double the speed as they run in "dual channel" mode. The problem with getting this is if your memory isn't made in the same batch/production line then you can get mis-matches.

What I have now is two 512MB modules running in dual channel. This new memory is Corsair modules, alas only aluminum heat spreaders, but I don't really over clock.

Yes, my computer has only crashed 3 times since getting it. After running an extensive memory test I found no problems. Joy. So anyway, new BIOS for my IC7 motherboard, and hopefully no more problems...

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