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Computer Heat

Alastair Grant | Thu 25 Mar 2004

It's April, the showers are on the way, but so are the sunny days. We've seen a couple of days of sun; which reminds me of the horror that is known as "keeping your computer cool in the summer heat".

So, this year I'm trying to be prepared. I've just bought a nice fat case (Antec SX835 II) for my computer, and put in a few extra fans. Updated the CPU heat sink, yadda yadda ya...

The CPU still gets hot when going full whack, but the speed it cools down to room temperature afterwards is highly impressive. I now have an insane number of fans, and my computer sounds like a large aircraft while on (instead of a small aircraft as before). This will mean I will have to switch to "silent" fans to try and keep the general noise to a minimum.

Still, I now have 3 fans in the front of the computer, including one in the hard drive bay, one in the side for the PCI bus, and two in the rear for extracting heat. I don't have my PCI exhaust in any more - doesn't seem much point at the moment.

Case itself is big, ugly, and off-white. And no, there is NO window in the side. Although due to the PCI fan you get a red glow from inside the case, and a blue glow from my bluetooth adaptor at the back.

Naturally, I wired everything up the wrong way round. The fans were all running backwards first time round, and none of the system LED's are working; so I will have to fix that sometime. Fun fun fun, only taken me all evening to shift cases, still have to clear up the mess I've made.

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