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Alastair Grant | Sun 9 May 2004

Ah, heaven!

My current project is to mod vbulletin3's user system into a user/content management system. This is all fine, but I realised today that my development server isn't sending e-mail from PHP.

Why would you want to know this? I doubt you would, but if I write it down here when I have the problem again hopefully it'll come up in a search engine.

Running Redhat 9.0 (yes yes, I will get SuSE 9.1 when it's released on the 4th June). I can use sendmail from my bash shell just fine, but when PHP runs it (through apache) nothing happens, although it appears in the log.

Finally after much pondering and high blood pressure I figured out that I needed to put a '-t' into the sendmail command line.

So, in the php.ini I now have:

/usr/sbin/sendmail -t

It works, heaven! Hope this helped somebody who ran the same queries through Google a zillion times.

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