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Missing computers...

Alastair Grant | Tue 20 Dec 2005
Confusion strikes. I have just a new PSU for my computer, looking back through my order history I found an order for a 1GHz Duron and a motherboard. The question I find myself asking is. Where the hell is it?

I bought it to replace a 1GHz Thunderbird system which went up in smoke. I have found this mobo and chip in it's original burnt out state in a box. Can I find the new stuff? No. I replaced the system which this was for a year or so ago with a 1.6 Pentium 4.

I can't for the life of me think where the other stuff has gone though. I've even found the box the Duron came in, but no sign of the mobo, or even the chip in the box.

So, if anybody has seen my computer bits, please let me know by the normal means.
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Zend Studio speed tweak.

Alastair Grant | Sat 17 Dec 2005
Zend Studio is an IDE for PHP development. Zend, are the company behind the PHP engine, there isn't much question to it, their IDE environment is the most advanced.

Alas, that comes at a cost of performance. Zend runs like a dog no matter what spec your machine is (e.g. I am running it on a 3GHz P4, SATA RAID-0 drives, Dual-channel DDR400 etc).

Zend Studio suffers from two major sticking points. Starting up the application can sometimes delay at the splash screen for what seems like an insane amount of time for an over-rated text-editor.

Then when editing the intellisense-esq pop-ups are slow and very laggy. This means that you get all the information you want, just takes a long time about it. This can sometimes be counter productive as it takes a long time to do something simple as your key strokes get delayed.

So, with a bit of digging round our good friend Google I have found this gem:

In the "bin/" directory of your Zend installation directory is a file called "ZDE.lax". This is the runtime configuration for the application. Before you edit this, make sure you have closed the IDE.

Navigate through the file down to about line 70. There are two entries:

If you do the maths, then this is 16MB and 192MB respectively. A bit of tweaking here can solve a lot of your problems. Make sure you don't bump it too much as you'll eat up all your memory. As a first step I have put in 128MB (134217728) to start, and 256MB (268435456) maximum. I can get away with this due to having enough memory, but if you don't, make sure there is enough spare for the other applications (and Windows) at the same time.

The last thing you want is to have applications you are using to be paged onto the disk.
Breaking from the voyeuristic norms of the Internet, any comments can be made in private by contacting me.

SoundForge filesystem issues.

Alastair Grant | Sun 4 Dec 2005
Bleh, so I'm installing SoundForge onto my Laptop, all fine and good. Just it breaks on starting up. It coughs up the error from RUNDLL:

Error loading C:\PROGRA~1\SonySound

The specified module could not be found.

Works fine on my main PC, but after a bit of thought and searching, it turns out to be the 8.3 filename. SoundForge (I'm on version 8.0) does not support extended filenames (i.e. anything more than 8 characters and no spaces). Which is a bit bent, as the default install directory if "C:\Program Files\Sony...".

The reason it works on my PC, is because I don't use the Program Files directory, but instead just have one called Programs (a decision I made many years ago when this problem was rife).

If though, this is not a possibility, as it isn't on my laptop; then this is the fix you need to use:

Load regedit and goto:

Change the key value for "NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation" to 0. This will turn on the old school naming style (which will slow your computer down and such). Restart your computer, install SoundForge. Run it, close it. Change it back to 1, and restart again.

I think this will work...
Breaking from the voyeuristic norms of the Internet, any comments can be made in private by contacting me.

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