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Visual Studio Orcas

Alastair Grant | Sun 22 Apr 2007

Microsoft has made available Visual Studio "Orcas". This comes in a 7 part RAR file, weighing in at a staggering 4.7GB once extracted.

These files can be extracted to the file system, personally I made this into an ISO for burning onto DVD. Just the right size I thought, stupidly. I know full well that a DVD only holds 4.3GB and not the advertised 4.7GB on the side of the packaging. Another case of people not being able to count bytes (multiply by 1024 people). I'm not sure if that counts as false advertising or not.

Anyway, to solve the problem I deleted the following directories, which contain setup files for the .NET 2.0 SDK:
/wcu/sdk/ia64 and /wcu/sdk/x64

Considering I don't have a 64-bit processor, especially an Itanium, then I could probably live without these. The install process went fine from the reduced ISO and it fits on a single layer DVD too.

You'll have to keep the setup file separately if you require such a beast; and remember to un-check that option on the custom install if you choose to do the same thing.

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