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Storage Problems

Alastair Grant | Sunday 19 August 2007

I've got an issue with storage. My partitions are setup with C: being a poxy 5GB, and the rest of my array on D:

This used to be fine, but more and more applications that you tell to install on your D: drive, install a load of crap into your C: as well. For example, the Adobe Common Files.

This means, I don't have any disk space left on my C:, and programs are beginning to complain. The solution, is obviously, to repartition my disk for more sensible sizes; alas, I'm not ready to do that, as I've got loads of stuff that need to be backed up, and I'm only half-way through.

The interim solution is to use linkd.exe (link is to the Windows resource kit, which it is in). You can use this application to create a "junction" in the NTFS tables, which will point to another location.

This tool essentially does what symbolic linking with "ln" does in Linux. What this basically means is, I can now move all those nasty directories that applications fill up with crap onto my other disk, without hacking about in the registry.

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