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Linux for the masses

Alastair Grant | Sun 18 Nov 2007

I'm still not entirely convinced. There are some simple things currently bugging me about openSUSE. I'm using the "Gnome" interface (generally Linux comes with KDE or Gnome), as I find it simpler.

My first "this is poor" thought came when I was mounting some drives in the partitioner. I loaded the screen and changed an option straight away; but that screen shouldn't have been available, it's just the antique of a 1.6GHz P4 I was running it on didn't finish the loading screen in time. If I had been patient it would have set some defaults and disabled what shouldn't be available with the default options.

But, if it was written correctly, all items should have been disabled until it had fully loaded.

My second "hmph" is with other applications and windows stealing focus all the time. With it running so slowly on my hardware, I have a habit of leaving it doing something whilst I do something to occupy my time. Such as, loading the Auto Updates, I'll browse the web using Firefox at the time.

All of a sudden, the auto-updates will steal focus. Very annoying, and if you're typing, you can happily input something into the pop-up by accident.

Two very simple things; both of which don't cause me a problem when using something like Windows 2000. I can't remember about Windows 95, not sure if focus could be stole in that. But still, Windows 2000 was out a looong time ago.

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