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Publishing Visual Studio web-sites

Alastair Grant | Mon 17 Mar 2008

I'm doing my nut about trying to publish a web-service I've written in Visual Studio 2005.

I've got my web-files stored locally on a disk within my project structure; which is a reflection of my Source Control. I want to "publish" this web-directory to my local IIS server. Seems simple enough, I click Build->Publish and type in "http://localhost/myservice" and click OK.

I'm then presented with an error message:
"You must choose a publish location that is not a sub-folder of the source web site."

Hmm... how annoying. Searching the web brings little back of help. Just people re-writing the error message with a "duh!" at the end. That's my favourite way of answering things; and I don't like people fobbing it off on me.

It appears that the trick is not to have your project name in the publish path. So if your project is in a directory called "myservice", it's never going to publish under http://localhost/myservice. Even if you do something like http://localhost/myserviceisnotreallyherethankyouverymuch2

So, name your working directory something stupid, and it should work.

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