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32-bit inf drivers for 64-bit systems

Alastair Grant | Sun 28 Dec 2008

The problem with 64-bit is the lack of driver support. Especially for aging equipment. I have a very good 19" CRT monitor, which I won't give up without a fight (I'm hoping OLED will hit the spot).

Alas, the INF file that describes the monitor (refresh rates etc) won't install on a 32-bit system. But as all it is, is an INF file - I do not see why not. There are no binary parts to the installation.

Taking a look at this Microsoft article shows that the drivers need to have decorated attributes to allow installation on a 64-bit system.

Brilliant, so just add them.

Under [Manufacturer], add the text ", NTamd64" to the end of each manufacturer listed.

Then copy and paste each corresponding manufacturer list and adjust the header to be [MyCompanyThing.NTamd64] - where MyCompanyThing is the name of the manufacturer.

Bingo, installs without a problem.

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