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Windows 2003 x64 HP drivers

Alastair Grant | Sat 10 Jan 2009

HP don't appear to release Windows 2003 drivers for their Deskjet printers. But they do for Windows XP. Specifically I'm looking at 64-bit drivers.

Windows 2003 and XP are the same thing when it comes to drivers, so they should work. Alas, the installer detects that the system is 2003 and not XP and refuses to install.

No problem, it can be done the old fashioned way.

Run the setup file, and allow it to get to the bit where it complains it's not XP. Then go to your printer control panel and add a printer. When you get to the bit prompting for a driver, click have disk.

Browse to your temporary directory (C:/Documents and Settings/[username]/Local Settings/Temp). There should be a directory called "hp_webrelease", open this and click OK. You should then be presented with your printer.

Install and use as normal.

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