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BizTalk Party Resolution

Alastair Grant | Sun 28 Jun 2009

I've been implementing roles and parties in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and have had to use a custom party resolver pipeline.

Fortunately Microsoft provide a sample in the SDK. Although for the party resolver component to work you need to ensure that you've applied the correct permissions to SQL.

First is to the stored proc that does the lookup:

GRANT EXECUTE ON [BizTalkMgmtDb].[dbo].[admsvr_GetPartyByAliasNameValue] to BTS_HOST_USERS

This will allow the BizTalk host account to run this proc (which by default doesn't give anybody access to it).

Then the next step is to avoid the WMI WinMgmt error "Syntax error or access violation" -2147467259. This happens on the search.Get() code for the ManagementObjectSearcher.

Again, it's a proc permission (not a WMI permission):

GRANT EXECUTE ON [BizTalkMgmtDb].[dbo].[adm_Group_Load] to BTS_HOST_USERS
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