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Alastair Grant | Sun 8 Aug 2010

This one has been bugging me for a while. Every time I've tried to install openSUSE in VMWare Workstation 6.5 onto my Windows 2003 x64 host machine I get a Blue Screen of Death on the host:


Handy. It happens when the setup program is "loading basic drivers". I've searched briefly around for a solution before but got nowhere. Oddly enough, I didn't think it was an issue with openSUSE 11.3 as I moved a pre-installed VM onto my host the other week and it was fine, and setup a new one from scratch without issue. But it happened today when trying to setup a new VM.

I remembered my previous VM was destined for ESX, so the hardware compatibility was with Workstation 5, not 6.5.

Anyway, a search revealed this handy post. Ripped the DVD back to an ISO with the free LC ISO creator and it all loads fine.

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