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Alastair Grant | Mon 4 Jul 2011

So I've been asking for PHP 5.3 support from my hosting company for two years now. Each time I get "We're working on it" or "We have no plans to implement".

Their FAQ mentions PHP 6 (an aborted attempt to by the PHP folk to implement unicode, all working features got turned into PHP 5.3). But this has never worked for me.

I then stumbled across this blog post by somebody who had successfully managed to get it working. I was slightly miffed at this so after spending some time in SSH I discovered some custom php.ini settings that had been applied to my main root directory.

Deleting this and suddenly "PHP 6" started to work. It now reports a random dev build of PHP 5.3 which has never existed - but still, at least I can use late static binding and namespaces now!

Now I just need to find the time to replace this 9 year old lunk of junk web-site.

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