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Zend auto-complete

Alastair Grant | Tue 22 Nov 2011

Zend has a poor version of Microsoft's IntelliSense, which provides you with code hints when typing. It's very handy when programming with classes, as you can type the instance name and it'll pop up all the available children.

Mine broke a long time ago which I resolved with a fix from the Zend forums.

Of course today, I had the same problem and that fix didn't work. This time it was user-error. When I created the project I somehow managed to set only one folder in my project to be built. The code I was writing was in a different folder so didn't get parsed.

To fix this you just need to go to the project properties, select 'PHP Build Path', and then add your project's root directory in.

It's also quite handy for excluding some directories which don't have proper code and makes your project look all messy.

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