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ESXi 5.1 missing VMWare Tools

Alastair Grant | Wednesday 12 December 2012

I tried updating my VMWare Tools on an ESXi guest, and no joy:

An error occurred while trying to access image file "/usr/lib/vmware/isoimages/windows.iso" needed to install VMware Tools: 0 (No such file or directory).

So naturally I went investigating the aforementioned location - which didn't exist. A bit more rummaging and it appears that this is the old place for storing them. Newer versions of ESXi uses /vmimages/tools-isoimages

To keep things more confusing this is a symbolic link, to /productLocker/vmtools

Which, naturally, didn't exist.

In fact, productLocker is also a symbolic link, to /locker/packages/5.1.0, which - you guessed it, didn't exist. So time for a hunt:

find / -name *.iso

This found all the isos in /vmfs/volumes/4f4d0bc9-35f538d3-080e-000c2925d5b9/packages/5.1.0

Replacing the productLocker link to the new location and everything springs into life.

ln -sf /vmfs/volumes/4f4d0bc9-35f538d3-080e-000c2925d5b9/packages/5.1.0 productLocker


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