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Linux service status hanging

Alastair Grant | Saturday 1 June 2013

You can check to see what the status of a service/daemon is in openSUSE linux by typing "rc**** status", replacing the stars with the service you're interested in. e.g. rcapache2 status to get Apache's status.

Some gumph then gets outputted telling you whether it is running or not. And that should be the end of it.

On one of my servers this process wasn't completing. Whilst all the gumph was being outputting, the process didn't end.

There are different methods of managing services, openSUSE currently uses systemd. After some conversation with those in the know on their IRC channel, it was suggested to me that it might be the journal waiting to pass.

The journal is just a big log, allowed to grow to 10% of your disk unchecked. The server in question had a 1.4GB journal, and it is running on slow disks. A likely suspect. As it is just logging information, unless you have any need for it, it is safe to delete in a fit of rage.

The journal will log to /var/log/journal/ - you can clear out this directory without fear of failure.

To avoid this from happening again in the future you can also set up the configuration files not to use persistent storage.

Do this by changing the "Storage" entry in your /etc/systemd/journald.conf file to be "Storage=volatile".

This will instead make the logs go to /run/log/journal, and will not be maintained across reboots. There are some other options in the journald.conf file that allows you to put limits on space etc.

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