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Monitor - finally?

Alastair Grant | Fri 7 Jun 2013

I think I have finally got a monitor that satisfies my loss of a CRT screen.

Viewsonic VX2370Smh-LED

This was released during the tail end of 2012 but has only just come to my attention. In a roundabout way, from a review of the 27" version. The highlights are:

  • Real 8-bit display
  • IPS panel
  • 1920x1080
  • Low input-lag
  • LED backlight
  • Matte & Glossy screen

There is a minimal edge to the monitor with the glass sitting over the edge of the display to create a smart look. It has a matte screen - but wonderfully, this is just a sticker that can be removed. As it happens, it's really very light and I haven't actually found the need to remove it (I think this is a one way decision).

It is only 16:9 and not 16:10, which would have been ideal, so not quite perfect. I think the resolution works slightly better than a 22" monitor for Full HD. The IPS display means that the viewing angles are good, and colours are constant across the entire screen.

The only thing missing from my impossible list of requirements is 75Hz as this display, and seemingly all other IPS displays, is rated at 60Hz. But - it can be driven past this with custom timings and will happily run at 72Hz, I haven't tried any higher yet.

I am so smitten, I may have to buy two.

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