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PHPLdapAdmin crashing

Alastair Grant | Mon 29 Jul 2013

I've been using PHP LDAP Admin to act as a web-interface to my LDAP directory server - which in turn I use for my address book. I went to update some entries recently and have been stumped by getting a "Connection to the server was reset while the page was loading" error when submitting my changes.

I searched around for a while to try and resolve the issue but to no avail. I even put a clean install and the same thing happened. Fortunately I'm a dab-hand at PHP, so found the script that was getting posted to and put in a test script - which also failed. This meant it was nothing to do with the script itself.

After more digging I found that it was to do with what was being sent to the server, causing PHP to exit. The issue appears to be the same as the one reported in Bug #60928 - alas this has been closed against PHP version 5.3.9 - and currently I'm on 5.4.15.

I took the plunge and removed the module to see if it resolved the issue and sure enough, it did. I'm not going to bother to report this as my experience is that if there has been a bug that has been closed already then you have to fight for people to pay attention - which is not worth the effort in signing up to yet another web-site in order to logon.

Annoyingly though, in order to remove mbstring, I had to remove v1.1 of the Zend Framework - why am I using such an old framework? Well that'll be the latest my hosting provider supports.

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