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Transaction failure when deploying BAM TPE

Alastair Grant | Mon 11 Aug 2014

If you use the Tracking Profile Editor (TPE) in BizTalk 2006 R2 BAM; then you may stumble across this typically-Microsoft error:

Communication with the underlying transaction manager has failed.
(System Transactions)

Useful huh? Well, luckily for us, Microsoft have addressed this error in:

Alas, the suggested fix didn't work for me. I'm in a multi-server environment, so maybe it's not as simple. Anyway, the issue I was having was the TPE deployment tools (GUI or CLI) don't play ball in an x64 environment.

The workaround is to install the BizTalk administrative tools on a 32-bit computer (I'm not sure if this has been resolved in later versions of BizTalk, I hope so as 32-bit is going the way of the dodo). You can then deploy as normal.

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