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Zend Studio / Eclipse access denied when updating project files

Alastair Grant | Mon 11 Jan 2016

I've dusted off an old PHP project in a recent copy of Zend Studio - it didn't work. None of the InteliSense would work and upon cleaning the project I had a lot of errors about inbuilt functions not existing.

The problem turned out to be a bust include path, projects and frameworks that were referenced weren't setup correctly. Easy enough, I re-added them, but when hitting OK I was presented with an "Access is Denied" error when trying to write to the .project file.

My project was being loaded via a Samba server, which mimics native *Nix functionality by marking files beginning with a dot, e.g. .project, as hidden. It seems that recent versions of Eclipse can't write to hidden files (a bit naff, but probably the penalty of using Eclipse).

Luckily, it's fairly easy to change this behaviour at the share level. So for my source code share, I've added the following line that removes this functionality:

hide dot files = No

Restart the Samba server and Eclipse and everything should start working again (once you've sorted your include path out).

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