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BAM Alerts configuration bug - spaces in passwords

Alastair Grant | Wednesday 23 March 2016

I seemed to have stumbled across a bug with the BizTalk 2013 R2 configuration application that I'd share here just in case somebody else encounters it.

When configuring the 'BAM Alerts' tab in the 'BizTalk Server Configuration' application, you are required to provide a service account for the 'BAM Alerts User'. If this user has a space in its password then you'll receive an error on applying the configuration:

ERROR: Failed to set up BAM database(s). 

The alert infrastructure was not created.

Failed to install service. Cannot proceed because the created process returned with -1

In traditional Microsoft fashion, this isn't very helpful. If you look at the log file that is created you should see an exception logged along the lines of:

[Info] BAMTools System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'file:///[your temp directory]/[last part of your password]' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified..

Obviously, you might want to eradicate your log as it contains a partial password.

I haven't explored this in much detail and merely set a password without a space in it to workaround the problem. I don't think there is any reason why you cannot then reset the password back to your original via Windows Services control panel plugin.

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