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IIS serving blank ASP content

Alastair Grant | Thu 11 Aug 2016

I'm not sure if I was missing something in my Windows Server 2012 IIS 8.5 configuration; or it was related to deploying the web-sites via BizTalk Server 2013 R2 MSI package: but my no content was being served for my web-apps.

Just an unimaginative blank page. I checked Asp.NET was installed and registered, and checked the HTTP status codes and log files. All looked fine, with HTTP 200 being returned to page requests.

I discovered that if I copied the content of my apps to another directory they would load fine. More investigation showed that static content would not be rendered either. Deleting the directory and creating a new one with the same name, even the most basic text file as content would produce a blank page.

As it seemed to be related to the directory name I trawled the config files and found a way to fix it is to strip out the configuration for locations in IIS, which seems to persist despite deleting the related directory. To do this, with elevated privileges, edit %systemroot%/system32/inetsrv/config/applicationHost.config. There will be nodes with settings specific to each path. Once you've deleted your folder, go in and delete the entry from this file and restart IIS. Restore your folder and apply any appropriate IIS settings.

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