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Remmina & Windows 10 - Unable to connect

Alastair Grant | Thu 8 Jun 2017

I use a XFCE Linux desktop to remote desktop to various computers, but I've found recently that some don't work.

I'm using Remmina and the target is Windows 10 - maybe something new in Windows 10? I played around for ages looking at routing and firewalls, ticking boxes in Windows 10 before I finally stumbled upon this helpful post.

The target system had been updated to Windows 10, which was a new build - but it seemed that I had already connected to a host with the same name and the host key had been saved locally. Remmina saves host keys into ~/.freerdp/known_hosts. So finding the correct line and deleting it is required for things to spring back into life.

I deleted the whole file as there were several hosts suffering from this problem and I felt it was time for a periodic refresh.

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