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Unable to import a git repository into TFS 2017.3

Alastair Grant | Friday 19 January 2018

I have been trying to import an external Git repository into an on-premise TFS server and been hitting an unhelpful error:

Import request cannot be processed due to one of the following reasons

No amount of jabbing the button helps, and absolutely nothing is stored in the event or file logs on the Team Foundation Server itself.

Solution?  For me, it was a web-proxy.  Irritatingly, TFS uses the Internet Explorer proxy settings and not the WinHTTP system proxy, so no amount of typing in netsh commands will get you out of this one.

Instead what you have to do is:

  1. Set TFS to use a service-account
  2. Grant that user logon rights (e.g. Remote Desktop Users)
  3. Interactively logon as the service account
  4. Change the Internet Explorer Proxy settings to your desired configuration
  5. Logout
  6. Remote desktop logon rights from the service account
  7. Restart the App Pool in IIS running TFS
  8. Try again

If you have to manually authenticate with your proxy, you're bang out of luck and will have to run yet another proxy as a shim between TFS and your authenticated proxy.

I was disappointed to find though, that whilst TFS allows you to connect to a remote Git repository, it is a one-time import.  You can not then push and pull updates to the origin server.

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