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Epson Scan window not loading

Alastair Grant | Friday 10 September 2021

Having a few precious hours, I thought I'd catch up on some archiving I wanted to do with my Epson Scanner.  I've never been entirely comfortable with Epson software, it's always felt a bit nineties, a lot of confusing bloat.  It didn't help then when I tried to load up Epson Scan, or start scanning through Adobe Acrobat, the interface wouldn't load.  Epson Scan itself would show an icon in the start bar, but no window, and you couldn't select it or otherwise interact with the program.

I resorted to a reboot, which didn't work.  I updated the software, which didn't work.  I uninstalled the Scan component, and then the software updater wouldn't let me reinstall, I re-downloaded the app from Epson and installed it directly, all to no avail.

This then feels like a profile/user setting issue, so I zapped the Epson node from the user registry (HKCU), that did the trick and it started back up.  I spent a few minutes jabbing around with the backed up registry settings to try and narrow down the exact problem.  In the end I found these two keys were the problem (where <device> is a unique identifier for your scanner):

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\EPSON\EPSON Scan\<device>\Environment\Main Window Position X
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\EPSON\EPSON Scan\<device>\Environment\Main Window Position Y

Turns out the Epson scan software couldn't handle me rearranging my monitors a  while ago and completely seized up with no proper error handling.  My view of Epson software has not been improved!

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