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openSUSE 15.3 upgrade to 15.4 breaks ISC Named

Alastair Grant | Sat 19 Nov 2022

I have finally gotten round to updating my local openSUSE Leap 15.3 servers to 15.4.  The ones running the Berkely Named DNS Daemon have all suffered from the same problem and have been dead on arrival of 15.4.

And the problem seems to be the file /etc/named.conf.include which is a short file that pulls in other files.  It works in relation with NAMED_CONF_INCLUDE_FILES for sysconfig, and the createNamedConfInclude program.  For some reason, as part of the upgrade, it breaks, deleting your existing include file but not removing it from the named.conf main configuration file.  There are no changes to the sysconfig entry, and perplexingly, the program file still exists.  On further investigation of the createNamedConfInclude program, we can see the cause of the problem.  Previously this script would create the include file we're used to, but now it's using a new location: /var/lib/named/named.conf.include - and upon investigation, that file indeed exists.

Therefore the fix is to update our named.conf to pull in the new location.

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