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az cli, links not launching from WSL

Alastair Grant | Mon 25 Mar 2024

I'm a big fan of WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), but every now and then, a few challenges crop up.  One that was introduced a while ago was when using the Azure CLI tooling - although the issue isn't exclusive to that, it's applies to many tools.

When the command-line app tries to launch a browser window, it fails.  With an error similar to:

gio: <error message>: Operation not supported

Not entirely useful error.  The resolution to this is to ensure the relevant "xdg" package is installed in the Linux distribution.  This is generally easily done by installing "xdg-utils" package.  On openSUSE, my preferred distribution this is done with the command:

zypper in xdg-utils

This should resolve the problem immediately.

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