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The weapons in Counter-Strike are slightly more realistic than guns in many other games, as they are based on real life guns. But they are far from perfect. Learn to use all guns, become an expert at two. Here is a brief guide on the guns featured in Counter-Strike, using the mod (real) names, not the retail (fake) names.

I have updated the titles.txt file to reflect the correct weapon names. This is for CS 1.6, and should be placed into your <STEAMDIR>\SteamApps\<username>\counter-strike\cstrike\ directory.

Secondary Weapons.

Pistols are non-auto, you have to press fire every time you want to fire a bullet.

(1) H&K USP .45 Tactical

This is the default spawn weapon of the CT force. It comes equipped with a silencer which can be toggled with the secondary fire button (right mouse button). It's of medium strength, and highly accurate, with slight recoil.

It is best to aim this gun directly at the face as the low recoil means the bullets should all hit. Fire this gun quickly into the opponent and you will easily make a kill. The gun remains accurate whilst jumping. So is a good choice when trying to hit long range while jumping.

(2) Glock18 Select Fire

This is the default spawn weapon of the T force. The gun comes with two fire modes - single bullet, and burst fire. Burst fire will let three bullets off at a high rate (use secondary fire to switch modes). The gun itself is far weaker than the USP, but does hold more in a clip.

Accuracy is average in single fire mode, but can be very dodgy in burst fire mode. It's recommended that you use single fire unless you can be sure of a head shot. Three bullet burst is deadly if shot in the face.

Personally I try and discard this gun as soon as possible.

(3) Desert Eagle .50AE

This is a very high power gun, but it only contains 7 bullets to a clip. Another problem is the accuracy, it's hard to hit at long distances. It's accuracy while jumping isn't much different to when stationary, but as the gun is so inaccurate anyway targets can still be hard to hit.

It's the primary choice for snipers as backup as they do not need long range accuracy with it. A shot in the face will kill with one bullet. Otherwise three bullets usually do the trick. It has a slow rate of fire, but it is often better to slow your firing off as you don't have the amount of bullets that other guns can throw at you - it also gives you time to aim.

The gun is a favourite of LPB's or people on fast Internet Connections. It seems to go very well with their latency advantage.

(4) SIG P228

This is a fairly week gun, but more powerful than the glock. It has an extremely good accuracy. It is high pinger favourite against the desert eagle because of it's accuracy and high fire rate.

(5) Dual Beretta 96G Elite

Akimbo pistols! Need I say more? Together the two pistols hold 30 rounds this can be an extreme advantage over your enemy - although the bullets will exit quickly. The accuracy is reasonable, not so hot when jumping. Reload times are awful, so do that when under cover.

This pistol is only available to the T's.

(6) FN Five-Seven

The most accurate pistol available, holds a big clip, but has trouble shooting through paper. The large clip counters the weakness of the gun, along with the high fire rate and extreme accuracy.


(1) Benelli M3 Super90

Your typical Pump Action shot gun. Put to a face this will be a one shot kill. No questions asked. Put to the chest, two shots. It's fire rate is more than to be desired, but it can hold 8 rounds which can be reloaded one at a time in between shots - handy.

The shotgun shells that exit the gun are accurate, but shotgun shells are made up of lots of smaller projectiles which will spread out. Because of the spread it's not a good idea to use at long range. An accurate pistol goes nicely with this gun.

(2) Benelli XM1014

The "Super" shotgun. This gun will unload it's entire load in about a second. It is also known as the "newbie stick". If you run into somebody with one of these you can say goodbye. Almost as powerful as the M3 shotgun, but with such a high rate of fire nobody stands a chance when in front of you.

Again long range accuracy is awful, so don't try it. Restraint is the word to use, if you are too trigger happy then you will run out of ammo very quickly.

Sub-Machine Guns.

(1) H&K MP5-Navy

This is the de-facto weapon in CS. It's one of the cheapest, and one of the most effective. It's over all accuracy is very good, and shots are best aimed at the neck/lower face. It retains a lot of it's accuracy when in flight so is great for death match style jumpy movements against the enemy.

It has a high rate of fire, which when directed at the enemy will prevent them from moving at much speed. A single bullet isn't very dangerous, and can be shot into a face without killing - but because of the rate of fire it's an extremely effective weapon.

If you can master using this gun you should be safe in most games.

(2) Steyr Tactical Machine Pistol

Don't buy it. It's a joke.

Update: CS 1.6 has made this a lot better, but it's still a joke, just one which can be funny now.

(3) FN P90

Spray and Pray is the term. This gun is very powerful and has a high rate of fire - it will kill most things in front of it. It's down side is it's accuracy, aiming is not required, and you aren't expected to hit your target if he is more than a metre away.

(4) Ingram MAC-10

You will find the elite using this, it's inaccurate, extremely, not especially powerful, but fun to use, and retains it's lack of accuracy when jumping around.

(5) H&K UMP45

This is like the MP5 - but it's more powerful, and less accurate. You may want to use this in closer combat than the MP5. The effect is much the same, shoot somebody in the chest at medium range it will take the clip to kill.


(1) AK-47

The first bullet fired from this gun is accurate, only sniper rifles will beat the first bullet from an AK. After that it all goes to pot. If you do not kill them with the first bullet you should direct your fire towards the chest of your vicitm - the recoil will then carry your gun up and the bullets will hit the head.

This gun has quite a punch, but is hard to control. It's best you leave this gun until you have mastered some others.

(2) Sig SG-552 Commando

A personal favourite, this gun comes with a zoom. The gun has a deadly punch behind it and a high rate of fire - meaning that people who come in front of it will die very quickly. It's accuracy isn't the best when being shot at full auto. The nature of the recoil will bring it into a curve, so head shots are often achieved when least expected.

When in zoomed mode the accuracy of the gun is increased and the recoil is dramatically reduced. The rate of fire is also reduced. This allows effective sniping, and is why I will use a sig over a lot of sniper rifles. This weapon is a good all rounder, and is worth buying if you can afford it.

(3) Colt M4A1 Carbine

This weapon has to be the most popular, and it's easy to understand why. Coming with a detachable silencer the colt has a punch behind it, not quite as much as the AK. The first bullet accuracy is highly accurate, but still doesn't compete with the AK - it's main advantage is it's recoil. Going full auto with this weapon is fairly easy to control - unlike the AK47.

The gun is more accurate with the silencer on, but it's less powerful. Take the silencer off and it's less accurate, but a lot more powerful. An interesting note is, the first two bullets from the unsilenced colt are more accurate than the first two from the silenced colt.

(4) Steyr Aug

A lot like the Sig Commando, there is a zoom on this weapon. In contrast to the Sig Commando, the rate of fire is lower, but the punch is stronger. It is also more accurate with the zoom.

If you prefer punch over rate of fire then this the gun for you.

(5) Steyr Scout

The cheapest Sniper Rifle in the game, this is a highly effective weapon. It will kill with a single head shot, it has two levels of zoom with closed edges - it is also bolt loaded, so will take longer to reload than a semi-automatic.

If shot at the chest, two shots are required. The gun is extremely easy to aim and fire - it is also very light, thus not slowing you down too much. Like all sniper rifles you must be stationary to fire this gun.

(6) AI Arctic Warfare/Magnum

The most powerful and accurate gun in the game. Shot anywhere apart from the leg a single bullet from this sniper rifle will kill instantly. It has a large noise which will give away your position, and has a very slow bolt loading system. It's accuracy is appalling when moving, even in the slightest. If you are caught up close, chances are you will lose if you do not have backup.

(7) H&K G3/SG-1 Sniper Rifle

A semi-automatic sniper rifle has a quick reload. It's accuracy is far inferior to the manual bolt riles, but the reload means if you miss, you can usually try again. Recoil does affect this gun, and the trick is to wait until the gun has settled before shooting again - also try not to get put off with the gun jolting after each shot.

(8) Sig SG-550 Sniper

Yeah, don't bother - it's another sniper rifle. I have never enjoyed it. I will release more information in the next version of the guide.

Machine Guns.

(1) FN M249 Para

Think of gun, and machine. This gun is extremely powerful, and will easily shoot through walls killing whatever happens to be behind it. It hold 100 rounds to a clip - and has a very high rate of fire. The down side? Highly Inaccurate - if you can master this gun, you will be unstoppable - you just have to master it.

Your best bet is to shoot the enemy while they are hiding behind a wall. If you see enemy face to face, shoot them in their stomach, that's middle, so the whole spread of it will munch up the enemy.


(1) Armour

Protects main torso against bullets and knife stabs. Highly recommended as it increases your resistance by quite a lot. Playing without armour is being cannon fodder.

(2) Armour and Helmet

See above, with the addition of a kevlar helmet. This will protect your upper head from bullets and is also highly recommended. There is no down side to armour, you can run the same speed and do everything else you would. I buy armour and a helmet before I buy anything else.

(3) Flashbang

These are a form of grenade, when thrown will blind whoever is in close vicinity or looking at it. These are extremely useful weapons. Throw one into a room before moving across the door way. This will blind anybody lying in wait to kill you as you enter. They also help prevent being rushed. If you have lots of enemy coming down on you, throw one at them, and they will probably stop, giving you chance to escape.

You can bounce them off walls so you can throw them without effecting yourself.

(4) HE Grenade

High Explosive Grenade is exactly what it says it is. These are very effective, and you can reckon you will get the enemy down to 50% of their strength if you throw one of these at them - highly useful. They also bounce of walls - but be careful, the shock wave does damage through walls, floors and ceilings.

(5) Smoke Grenade

These are handy for situations where there is a sniper. Being able to smoke a corridor will render the sniper useless, and allow you to attack. They are limited in the amount of smoke they will spew out, but it's worth waiting for them to fill out a bit before making your move.

NB: smoke grenades have a very heavy impact on graphics performance, and can reduce even the most powerful computers to a wreck in highly graphical areas. Be careful where you deploy them, as you may not be able to make the frame rates to get a kill.

(6) Defuse Kit

Only available to the CT team on a defuse map. These packs will significantly decrease the time taken to defuse a bomb. When you die they will be left for other people to pick up - like your gun. Look for green packs lying on the floor. These are the defuse packs. When going to defuse a bomb have a quick look around for a defuse kit. Also if you see a team mate with a defuse kit round their waist then let them defuse as they will do it quicker, thusly reducing the chance of loosing.

(7) Night Vision Goggles

Handy for dark levels, Night Vision Goggles (or NVG's) will light up a large area in front of you, allowing you to see lurking bad guys in the shadows, and other parts of the environment.

NVG's will probably half your frame rate - so if you have a slow system it will probably be best just to avoid dark parts, or use your flash light.