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This is everybody's favourite part of CS. It's where the rush and the fun comes from. Attacking. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Rushing is by far the most fulfilling way of attacking. Rushing is by far the safest way to do it, but if pulled off correctly, is easily the most effective.

Make sure you have the right equipment to attack. You'll need your main rifle, consider this carefully. Do you want a long range weapon like the AWP? A medium range like the Sig Commando and the Colt, or a close-quarters weapon like the MP5? It usually depends on the map, none of these are better than each other, they can all defeat each other. An AWP'er is slow too fire and has to be stationary to shoot. The MP5 isn't very precise over distance. When you have decided on your main weapon, you should also put a little thought into what pistol you want to use. Do you need it to be a powerful quick kill weapon like the deagle, or should it be an accurate fast firing weapon? Try to make your backup opposite to your primary, that way you can switch to it in preference for different situations. Making you more versatile. Also try to stock grenades, you can never plan to use them, they are just handy to have.

The golden rule when engaging in battle is DO NOT DIE. It may seem a bit of a silly rule, and kind of obvious, but it is over looked. Your first priority is not die, once you achieve this you can think about killing something. Evaluate all battles before joining, do not run up against an entire team thinking you will win, I doubt you will. If there is a group of bad guys, throw an HE before engaging, if they are waiting, use a flash bang.

Never stay still when in battle, a stationary target becomes everybody's focus, keep moving, and keep them guessing. Jumping about will make you hard to hit, but will also make it harder for you to aim. This is why a pistol is handy, it doesn't loose much accuracy when jumping, so it can often be your preferred choice when jumping about. By far the best thing to do is to try and land and crouch fire, and move, all with your primary weapon.

Fighting in CS is more like Matrix style killing than some cop film. You will find a LOT of circling your opponents in CS, and if you don't take it up, you will die. It seems traditional for everybody to run round clockwise in circles. Why? Well, people want to keep each other in sight, but dont' want to get too close or too far away, circles just develop in fire fights. The more experienced you get at CS the more variation comes into your moves. Like jumping over people while spinning around to come down behind them, and other such delights.

Always keep your backup ready and loaded, fire fights can often go pair-shaped and you will land up wasting your clip, and the enemy still being alive. You have to make a decision, either reload your primary gun, or switch to your pistol and finish them off. Switching to your pistol is usually the best bet, if they still survive that the decision is more difficult. If you are in very close range you can whip out your knife and finish them off - if that fails you have to reload one of your guns. In situations it's usually the quickest draw wins. You will have to experiment with Half-Life to see how you like to have your weapons set up. Personally I have all my guns assessable from my mouse, other people have quick loads on their keyboards.