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Counter-Strike is a very slow game in comparison to Quake III, but it's not as slow as Chess. It still is an action game. The massive argument of "camping" comes into this game, and whether it's allowed or not.

Camping is a term developed by the Quakers. To camp is to find a powerful weapon and sit on it. The main example of this is the BFG. Find the BFG in Quake II, and sit on it. You are untouchable and you have an unlimited supply of ammo coming to you. This though, is not possible on Counter-Strike, as there are no weapon or ammo spawns.

Newer CS players, or those who have come straight from a death match game often call snipers or people setting up ambushes campers. This is not the case. Sniping is sniping, you can't run about with a sniper rifle, because you will loose. And ambushing is a very valid tactic, and extremely effective. In fact it's usually the person who dies who calls you the camper, not the spectators - because they were too stupid not to look where they were going.

  • That aside, you can still be a boring player, which nobody likes and will soon get people hating you for it. Being a bore is what I class as camping, and this is my definition.
  • Finding dark holes which are easy to defend but are not related to the objective and just waiting there on the off chance somebody may stray past.
  • Being the last man alive on your team, so you run away and fail to complete the objective just to save your behind, or your gun.
  • Laying in wait, or sniping on the attacking team's side of the map (as the attacking team). Such as a Terrorist sitting with a sniper rifle near his spawn on de_dust.

If you do the above, you are on a good course to be hated, don't do any of them. This doesn't include hiding in a dark spot next to a fallen bomb. Or hiding next the bomb point, or near the hostages. These are perfectly valid, and it's not you being the bore, it's the other team for not completing their objective that is being the bore.

Remember at the end of the day Counter-Strike is a game and games are there to have fun. Are you making the game fun, or are you making it boring?