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Tactical - Deadly Art of War!

Counter-Strike is a counter terrorism mod. It is not a war mod, but somethings are the same. You have to eliminate the enemy to survive.

The CT's in CS are largely based on the British Speicial Air Force and the US Navy Seals. Most of us have seen the SAS attack on the embassy all those years ago. The SAS are supposidly the best army unit in the world (although there is also a SBS which is apparently better). They attack swiftly and eliminate the enemy with no hesitation or error.

To become effective at the game you have to treat it in the correct way. Base some things on real life, such as, a bullet flying towards you is never a good sign of winning. Running around like a loony is the best way to get noticed, just the enemy will also notice you.

Your primary goal in CS depends on the level. There are hostage levels where the CT's have to save the hostages. Defuse levels where the T's have to plant a bomb to destroy a specific target. Assination levels, where there CT's have to protect a VIP until he reaches the escape point. Then there is the escape levels where the T's have to get out of the level without being eliminated by the CT's.

The best way to achieve any of these objectives is to stay alive. Use whatever means you can to stay alive, if this means eliminating the bad guys then, so be it. They are nothing but trouble, always out to hurt somebody. An effective solider will kill his enemy without being hurt. This usually means he has to use his environment to his advantage. You should check for ways of killing the enemy before they see you. Find high places which are easy to defend, and naturally cover your back. Find boxes that you can dart behind before being shot. Make yourself as small as possible, it's harder to hit.

Manage your ammo, there is no point in buying a gun just to waste all the ammo on vague shots across the level. Don't be afraid to use it though, as soon as you get a good chance, use it. It may be your last one. Asses situations before entering into them, more often or not you will find yourself out gunned and nowhere to run to.

Take your time, prepare. If you spot and enemy without them noticing, fall out of view and plan your attack. Then carry it out quickly. Take your time in aiming if you are sure there isn't a threat to you. There is no point in shooting and hitting the walls, the enemy will soon figure out where the bullets are coming from, probably just when you are reloading and cursing because you missed them.

You also have to remember you time limit. If you are going for the primary objective, then make sure you leave enough time to do it, and give yourself extra just incase you run into trouble.