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More often than not you will find yourself on the loosing team, or on the winning team, and thing suddenly turn sour. Running blindly into the enemy and shooting everything in sight just doesn't cut it any more, and you have to find some other way to eliminate the enemy.

Or you are on the defending team of a map. For instance Terrorist on cs_ maps and Counter-Terrorist on de_ maps. Defending is an extremely useful skill. Because if all else fails you can fall back and turn the game to your advantage.

The trick to defending is your positioning. Find a location where you can see the enemy easily. Make sure there is cover nearby. If you are tackling multiple targets then it can be an advantage to hide and let them run past before opening fire. If it's just one or two, hold your ground and shoot at them. When the walk into view you will have the advantage. If there is more than one enemy then dive for cover as soon as they start to take up a firing position. You should then reload and throw a grenade at them. It doesn't matter what grenade. An HE will hurt them, and a flash bang will blind them. Either way, throw a grenade and make a dash further back, and repeat.

If you have a flash bang you may want to try this. Throw a flash to blind them, shoot off some rounds and peg it round the back way to flank them. They will probably be very cautious about moving forward due to fear of being shot.

When you are laying in wait, chances are the enemy will scout before attacking. Checking the corner before moving in etc. Find yourself a position, putting not too much care into it. As soon as you see the enemy for the first time relocate yourself. This way when they swing back round for the kill you will have moved. This is terribly effective, especially against snipers.

Good defending positions offer cover, and choke points. Finding an upper level is good, because there is often stairs or a slope that has to be used to get up onto the upper level. Small areas are easy to defend. You have the freedom of the arena, and they have to move through a small hole. Because of this their placement does not vary much. So it's easy to hide behind boxes and strafe in and out very quickly firing at them, chances are you will hit them, and they won't be able to hit you, as you are moving all about.

Look for areas with minimal entry points. Houses and small buildings are great examples, often only having two entrances. Whatever you do, do not sit close to the entrances. Otherwise you can be drawn into the choke points. Keep clear from obstacles so you can move about while they are trying to negotiate objects. A good move is to jump over them and land behind them if they are climbing stairs. You can shoot them while leaping over them and finish them off in the back.