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Tactical - Stealth

Stealth is a vital part of Counter-Strike. If the enemy doesn't know where you are they aren't going to be able to kill you. If you know where the enemy is and they don't know where you are then you have a distinct advantage over them.

When you move about in CS you make noise as your footsteps hit the ground. This will give you away to the enemy, so the trick is not to make any noise. You four options. The first is to use the walk key. This will reduce your speed but will prevent you from making any noise when you walk about. The second is to use your crouch key, this will slow you down even more than walking, but is perfectly silent, and will also reduce the noise you make when going up ladders.

The final two are a bit more complicated. Tapping your forward key will make you run in brief bursts, you can get a good rythum going which will allow you to move about without any footsteps. This is what most experienced players use to move about. Although word is that CS 1.4 will remove this ability (oh look, another disappointment). The last option is very hard, and is left to the elite players usually. Using the same method as above, but you jump instead, and get a swing going, it's a lot like bunny hopping, but doesn't have the speed. It allows you to move around fairly quickly and silently - it also makes you a lot harder to hit.

Whichever method you use stealth is vitally important and will win you the game. It takes time being stealthy, but it pays off. Keep to the shadows, slide quietly around the edges, avoiding shooting at people. Getting behind a group of players is far better than to killing one, and bringing the rest down on top of you.

Stealth is meant to confuse your enemy, so don't keep it to just being quiet and hard to see, move around the map a lot. If you encounter the enemy, give them some covering fire and then quietly go round the other way. They will come out of hiding eventually and won't be able to see you. Giving you the upper hand once again.