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Cheat Code What it does.
iamthelaw Removes Police.
buckfast "*" For All Weapons.
suckmyrocket All Weapons and items
hate machine Multiplier to 10
itstantrum Infinite Lives.
porkcharsui Diagnostic Mode
super well All Levels.
itcouldbeyou 999,999,999 Points.

No Police.

If you are really bad at playing GTA and want to turn the Police off for good then go into the Mission.ini, which is found in the 'GTADATA' directory.

One of the first things you will see is a line of text saying:

Easy Liberty City NEW, 22, nyc.cmp, 0,
100 1 1 1 1 0

This controls the first level, to remove the police change the bottom line to say:

100 1 1 1 0 0

You can then search through for; Liberty, San Andreas and Vice. You should get two of these sections for each map. Each for one of the two levels.