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Name cheat codes.

To activate these cheats change your name to 'gouranga' (omitting quotes). Then change to a name below. You can use more than one. You will know if you have typed it in correctly, by a deeper and different noise when you hit Enter to normal.

Name Description
ARSESTAR Keep weapons after death.
BUCKFAST Civilians riot.
COCKTART No exploding scores.
CUTIE1 Start with 99 lives.
DAVEMOON Start with weapons and ammo.
EATSOUP Free shopping.
FLAMEON Unlimited Flame Thrower.
GINGERR Access granted to levels 1 and 2.
GODOFGTA All weapons and ammo.
GOREFEST Enable blood pools, like in GTA.
HUNSRUS Invisible, forever.
IAMDAVEJ Start with $99,999,999.
JAILBAIT Get out of Jail free, forever.
MADEMAN Maximum respect with all the gangs.
MUCHCASH Start with $500,000
NEKKID All cilvilians are naked.
RSJABBER Invulnable, forever.
SCHURULZ Double Damage, forever.
SEGARULZ Start with multiplier x10.
TUMYFROG Access granted to all levels, and the bouns levels.
UKGAMER Access granted to all levels.
VOLTFEST Unlimited Electro Gun.

Registry Codes

There are many of registry codes, I am not listing them all, if you would like the full list please get in contact with me, and I will put together a list.

WARNING: These cheats use the Windows registry. Please make a backup of your 'system.dat' and your 'user.dat'. Aggta.co.uk or myself will take reposponsiblity for any damage caused or errors. If you do not want to venture into your registry, then download my cheat file. This will add them in automatically. You will still have to run GTA2 direct from the executable.

NOTE: For these cheats to work you have to run the game straight from the 'gta2.exe' and not the GTA2 Manager. If you do use the manager the cheats will be wiped out of the registry, and you will have to start again.

Open your registry editor (regedit.exe) and navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DMA Design Ltd\GTA2\Debug]. Once there create a new String Value called do_debug_keys and set it's value to 1. This will enable debugging. Then enter the following String Values. Set them to 1 to activate or 0 to disabled (note, if you do not include them the will be disabled by default).

String Name Description
do_blood Turns blood on.
do_invulnerable Impervious to bullets and punches, but you can still fall in the water.
get_all_weapons Starts you off with all weapons and max ammo.
keep_weapons_after_death Duh!
do_free_shopping Respray, car weapons etc for free.
do_infinite_lives Take a guess.
skip_fire_engines No fire engines.
skip_busses No bus service.
skip_trains No train service.
skip_ambulance No ambulances.
skip_police No coppers.

While in the game use the keys on the number pad to operate the Teleporter. Note, that this will teleport a car if you are in it.

8 Move north
2 Move south
4 Move west
6 Move east
5 Centre back on you.
7 Zoom out
9 Zoom in
0 Activate teleport.
· (Delete) Fixes your car.

Use the keys 1 - 5 along the top row to edit respect.

1 Cycles through respect for gang 1
2 Cycles through respect for gang 2
3 Cycles through respect for gang 3
4 Cycles through wanted level
5 Clears wanted level

If you wish to change time of day without loading the manager adjust the DWORD Valuse 'Screen' in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DMA Design Ltd\GTA2\Screen] to 1 for night time, 0 for day. You will also notice other settings there, which can be changed without loading the manager. Play with them, but don't muck them up.