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GTA Multiplayer Help

I would like to remind people this is NOT a technical support department, nor an official developers site. If you would like proper support from specialist technicians then please consult your game manual (it contains rather surprisingly, lots of info on the game).

Where to send?

If you would like support on GTA2 please e-mail Take2 at tech.support@take2games.com, or telephone them on 01429 855046 (UK business hours).

If you have a more general question, or one that can't be answered by Take2 then drop it into AGGTA or Myself.

In this section I have details on the more technical issues with the game.

Cops in GTA2 Multiplayer?


If you have your own LAN or a fast Internet connection you maybe lucky enough to experience GTA2 in multiplayer. Have you ever played with cops on? It's great fun, but for some strange reason you can only get the full extent of the police after you in the Downtown sector. In all the other cities you can only achieve a wanted level of 1, which isn't a challenge to avoid, it's just plain annoying.

This problem has been brought to my attention and I will be looking into it now I have some spare time. I have contacted Take2 support, but they tend not to reply instead of saying "Dunno...", so here's hoping.

Creative Sound Blaster Live! bug


No more playing GTA2 in boring Stereo, no it is the full Four Point Surround now. I can now play GTA2 with 3D Sound checked, and it doesn't crash, it just sounds wicked! This is what you need:

With these installed you should be able to play with the enjoyment of you 4 speakers. Your speakers act like positions on the screen. Front right being the top right, and rear left being the bottom left of your screen. It is particually handy when you have the police chasing you as you can hear which directions they are coming from.


I have been told if you install the Windows 98 drivers over the top of the Creative drivers it fixes all the problems. I have not been able to try this because I have Windows 95, and there are no Windows 95 drivers for the SB Live!.

The Bug

If you have a SB Live! you may experience the game crashing for now apparent reason whilst in game play. The reason for this is still unknown, and people are working on fixing it.

The only way to prevent this from happening in the mean time is to uncheck the '3D Sound' option on the GTA2 Manager Audio tab. Although this will loose the cool sound effects the game produces the game will run.

I have been in contact with various people about this issue. Take 2 have admitted that they never tried the 3D Sound with 4 speakers, so they have been telling people that you just have to uncheck the box, and everything is fine. I have been told that the problem has been elevated to the developers (DMA) who are looking into the problem. Whether this is true or not I have no idea.

GTA2 Patch

According to the GTA2 web site the patch makes the game run smoother, I have noticed a couple of things in the GTA2 manager load a bit quicker, but apart from that I haven't noticed any difference. If you aren't experiencing any problems with GTA2 I recommend you don't download the patch, as it is almost 4 MBs, and not worth the download.

A list of all the bugs that have been fixed has been requested, but this still hasn't come through.

I have discovered that the GTA2 patch does fix the problems with Windows 2000. If you are experiencing problems with GTA under Win2K, try the patch. If it still doesn't work then it is something aside from Windows.

Official GTA2 Map Editor

For those of you who fancy yourself as map creators then the Official GTA2 Map Editor is avaliable to download. At the moment you can download it from DMA directly. I will upload a copy to this server some time, but I haven't had time recently.

The only problem I have had with it is getting the program to display the map on the editing window. This is because my standard video card is only a 4MB 2D/3D card. To get the editor to run I have to have the graphics running at 800 x 600 x 16 bit.

If you do have an external 3D card (like a Voodoo) then you will have to make sure your standard card is powerful enough to run the Editor. You need Direct3D support, which means at least 4 MB onboard memory.