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  1. If you are on fire quickly run in and out of a lake to put yourself out.
  2. There is a respray shop in Liberty City that will spray Taxis Bright Green.
  3. When you start the first level straight away jump over the car you are given and run down the street. There will be Beast GTS. If not there will be a challenger and then the Beast GTS.
  4. If you miss that car get straight back into the car you are given and go up the street. Round the second corner there will be a Cossie.
  5. In Northern Richmond in San Andreas there is a green Porsche. If you get in it and just drive straight forward you will go down a path over a lake you will hit the car compound and get an INSANE STUNT BONUS and £50,000!
  6. Great way to kill tons of people and not get caught by it. Steal a car and place it just by the fence at the bottom of the park subway station in Lib­erty city. Then get another car and nudge the first car Onto the railway line. When the train come hijack it and then get out of it. It will try to go forward but will get stuck because the blow up car will be in the way. When the other train comes it will hit it, blow up and kill everyone within a small radius of the station. The police will think it is not your fault and you will not be chased.
  7. When you are at a subway station without two ways onto it wait to people are getting off the train and then shoot near them. The people will then run back onto the line and get fried. The cops will treat it as a fire­arms offence and you can do it tons of times before you get killed.
  8. Fed up of just running over the Hari Krishna’s? Then when you see them punch the leader a few times. Soon they will start fighting amongst them­selves. You will be their new leader. Then just walk towards a subway line and at the last minute turn in the other direction. They will keep on going and get fried. You will get £30.000 instead of £25,000 for a Gouranga Or alternatively you could stop, turn round and slaughter them with your AK-47 or Flamer.
  9. When you want a car and it is going a bit faster than you can run try to jump over it. If it works you will be ahead of it and you can take it for yourself.
  10. A good way to kill the Hari Krishna’s is to blow them up with one of the remote control cars. You get tons of cash.
  11. There are tons of crates on an island in No Law. You have to brake as soon as you get over though or you will hit the building. Your supposed to go over in the superbike supplied but you could just steal a bike and then you will not have to brake as hard There is a multiplier and an extra life as well as some guns.
  12. There is a place similar to the one in Liberty (Sec above tip) in Atlantic heights in San Andreas. It is in a type of field or garden. There are four crates including two guns.
  13. To get into the Car Compound you will have to do the far right hand side mission on the first level in San Andreas. When you get to the bit where you have to get a police car, get one and then when the car compound doors open park the car between the doors. That way they Can’t close and you are free to take any car you want. Or if you have no cops you can park a bus near the fence and slide underneath it. Once you are in you can steal the police car you need for the mission and drive it to the gates.
  14. Two easy ways to get a cop car.
    1. First park a car near a respray shop. Commit a crime and then steal the cop car. Get back in the first car. spray it and then you have a free cop car.
    2. Do the Cossie mission in Liberty City When you pick up the cop car and go to pick up Pablo run him over. you then have a free cop car.

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