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Avoiding arrest

The trick of playing GTA2 is not to get arrested by the Police. If you do it show how of a rubbish criminal you are. The best way to avoid arrest is not to piss off the local police force. In true 11 O'clock fashion, here are the Do's and Don'ts of evading the rozzers.

Do Don't
Run over and mercifully kill gang members, gaining respect from the other gangs. Run over innocent plebs who wonder the street.
Break traffic laws by jumping red lights, speeding and driving on pavements. Drive very fast into oncoming Police cars
Steal cars, and commit Grand Theft Auto. Nab Police cars, or do it right in front of the rotter's eyes.

There is a total of six police levels, indicated by the number of heads at the top of the screen.

Level What they do How to escape
If a cop sees you, he will pursue. Drive fast, loose them at a corner and sit in a back alley for a half a minute.
They will be looking for you, and want to get you off the road, but their shiny new cars are too important. Nick a police car and get it crushed, pick up a Police bribe out of the processing unit.
Ok, you are now becoming a class one pain in the backside. Road blocks will appear.

Whilst in Police chases they will try to box you in.
Turn a lot, do sharp turns at corners at the last possible moment. Again, get a car crushed.

Keep to the pavements and side roads, if you are going to go through a road block go through a cop, don't try to bash a car out of the way.
Highest level obtainable in the Downtown sector. You are now the most wanted, not only will the Police be chasing you but so will SWAT teams in their fast heavy duty vans. Be warned, they are armed, and will kill you at the first chance. Drive very fast indeed, turning at the last possible moment when going round corners, and not staying in a straight line for long.

Go to a spray garage, there isn't enough time to get a cop car crushed.
Highest level obtainable in the Residential Sector.

The Police aren't good enough, so, they leave. You now have the FBI to deal with. There cars are heavy duty and fast (and black). All agents wear black, and carry either a shotgun or silenced machine gun. Road blocks are also changed to FBI agents/cars.
Peg it. Go to a spray garage and get your car sprayed, it is the only feasible way. Don't stop, they will kill you, they are armed to the teeth.
Your chaos has got to the government, Marshall Law is declared and the National Guard move in to occupy the city.

All pedestrians become soldiers armed with machine guns intent on killing you.

Special Military Police come after you. Road blocks now consists of three Tanks which shell you till you die.

All cars are replaced by military vehicles some armed.
You have to be really good to escape now. The ONLY way is to get your car sprayed.

Grab a passing tank, and drive as fast as you can avoiding main streets and turning often. Then once at a spray garage grab a civilian vehicle and get it sprayed.

The tank blocks take a while to turn their turrets, if you are quick (in a tank) you can get between the block just as the turrets finish turning, they then have to rotate again to get you. Don't stop, ever, everybody wants you dead.

GTA2 Police force.

In GTA2 you will find the Police are far more bent on the idea of getting rid of you than in GTA. Police now travel in pairs, and backup isn't far behind. On the last two cities Police roam the street keeping the peace. The AI of the Police has been improved, and they now use their nut cases to try and stop you.

Something you may notice is their driving, they are even more determined to get you, so they drive faster and attempt to block you off, and box you in. This gives them one big problem corners. If you have some cops in hot pursuit let them catch up then turn a corner at the last possible moment, the Police won't be prepared and they will drive straight into the wall.

Of course the classic moves work as well. While being chased, pull over, and let the Police get out, when they get close to your door floor it. This is an ideal move if you only have one police head. Because the time it takes them to get back into their car is enough for you to find a back alley and hide in it.