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  1. If your looking for good cars check out the car parks around the city. Specially next to the Football grounds and next to the houses in camberwell.
  2. For tons of people to run over go to the Parks [Hyde, Battersea & Small one in Camberwell]
  3. If you want a game of footie pick up one of the balls in Hyde Park and knock on around with the car.
  4. Get A330,000 and a "Keep London Tidy" bonus for running over a line full of Hippies, London's equivalent of Hari Krishna's.
  5. Kill Fenzy's are usually located where they are a lot of people.........
  6. In East Brixton they are four red busses........
  7. ......... and three black cabs.
  8. Docks are located near the river [well, duh!]
  9. They are a lot of cars in side alleys, often many of the same type.
  10. Run over the pigeons, the little white things.
  11. There is a secret mission with Rod Hull & Emu. Find it yourself though.
  12. There is a Golden Tank in Southwark.

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