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Abbreviation Meaning
S South
N North
W West
E East
C Central

San Andreas - Part 1

Item Location Detailed location
Bribe C Excalibur alley going N
JailCard NW Marina off the left side of hiway
Bribe NW Marina off the right side of intersection
RocketLauncher E Glen Wood alley
Bribe S Telephone Hill alley behind parking lot
Bribe S Chinatown dead-end
RocketLauncher E Sailor's Wharf next to bridge
Multiplier NE Woodside alley off dead-end
JailCard E Woodside alley
4 Crates! W Atlantic Heights in the park
2 Crates! W Atlantic Heights the other park-right entrance
Multiplier W Sunview off bridgeramp to thet right-way west
Bribe C Marina 2nd N road from left-alley to the right
Bribe C Sailor's Wharf alley S of road
Multiplier W Sailor's Wharf alley by tank

San Andreas - Part 2

Item Location Detailed location
Bribe NW Market alley by Chinatown
Bribe NE Chinatown 1st dead-end from the right
RocketLauncher S Eagleside alley by pedestrian bridge
RocketLauncher NE Sailor's Wharf alley by pedestrian bridge
JailCard SE Sunview by paintshop
Multiplier SW Telephone Hill alley by highway turn
Bribe C Woodhill alley - middle block
Multiplier N Woodside alley by main road
JailCard E Sunrise "back yard" of houses
JailCard NW Excalibur off 2-lane road
FlameThrower NW Sunview alley by highway
Multiplier (*) W Sunview (*) off bridge crossing main road
Multiplier SE Woodside by SE of "Golden Gate"
Bribe NW Soviet Hill off road
Multiplier NE Richman next to house in the way NE
JailCard SE Richman by house where main road turns
Multiplier NW Telephone Hill "back yard" of house all the way to the W

Vice City - Part 1

Item Location Detailed location
JailCard E Little Dominica court of middle block of houses
Bribe E Viceshores/W Vice Beach on large bridge between
Multiplier SW Vice Beach beach by (W) bridge
Multiplier S Vice Beach on beach between bridges
JailCard SE Greek Heights sharp bend on train tracks
Bribe NW Miramire by packhouse 2-3 from left
JailCard C Banana Grove NE of water basin
Bribe SE Richman Heights highway to the south
Bribe N Little Dominica in court
Multiplier(*) C Little Dominica(*) on hospital roof
Multiplier(*) C Little Dominica(*) on hospital roof
Bribe SE Felicity alley in way SE Felicity
Bribe SW Felicity alley by 4 lane road
Multiplier C Greek Heights alley in hospital
Multiplier SE Coral City in centre of police station

(*) Note: Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not - tends to pop up after a while...

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