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The Description.ext file should reside in your mission directory, and will allow you to manipulate some initial environment and game options. Respawn included.

# Show the debriefing page
debriefing = 1;
# Show watch (T) in game.
showWatch = 1;
# Show compass (G) in game.
showCompass = 1;
# Show briefing details (M).
showNotepad = 1;
# Show GPS in briefing page (gives you your grid ref).
showGPS = 0;
# Shows map when you press M.
showMap = 1;
# Just accept it eh?
onLoadIntroTime = true;

# Sets respawn type and time.
respawn = 3;
respawndelay = 35;

Respawn is the most popular to tinker with. You can change the respawn type for different types of respawn. These are your options:

  1. No respawn
  2. Turn into a seagul
  3. Respawn where you died
  4. Respawn at base. Base is set with a marker (F6 in mission editor) called either: Respawn_West, Respawn_East, Respawn_Guerrila or Respawn_Civilian
  5. Respawn into next closest AI member in your group
  6. Respawn into next closest AI member on your side (West, East etc)

You can also specify additional weapons the group leader can select and change at briefing before the mission. To do this you need to define how many of each weapon/ammo you want added. See below for an example.

class Weapons
	class M16
		count = 6;
	class LAWLauncher
		count = 1;
	class NVGoggles
		count = 3;
class Magazines
	class M16
		count = 24;

The count is how many weapons/magazines that will be available to use. This is nice if you want people to argue over who gets the LAW launcher.