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Objectives are defined in the mission briefing. These can be hidden, failed and completed. When they are changed a different icon will appear in the briefing/map. This is a vital part of any good mission as players need to know what they have completed and what's left.


Find the objective section in your briefing and add using a <hr> to separate each one. The name OBJ_1 needs to be incrimented for each objective, OBJ_2, OBJ_2 etc. For example:

<p><a name="OBJ_1"></a>Destroy the target</p>

The best way to update objectives is with a trigger. Entering the code into the activation field will allow you to update objectives when things happen in game.

To update an objective you have to use the 'ObjStatus' command. As with most scripting commands in OFP you start with the object you want to change and end with the variable. So for Objective #1 to change to done, you would put the following into the trigger activation field:

"1" ObjStatus "DONE"

Change the number for the respective objective, and the option can be one of the following:

DONE - Marked objective as complete (tick on the briefing)
FAILED - Marked objective as incomplete (cross on the briefing)
HIDDEN - Hides the objective from the briefing
ACTIVE - Shows the objective on the briefing

As you can see from the above, you can hide objectives on the briefing. This allows you for surprise changes in a mission calling to divert your players. Or allow you to have multiple out-comes with different objectives being shown and completed.